Athletic Training Results

“Gains, that’s all I know” – HATS
Patient went through a three-month training block, consisting of an endurance phase, hypertrophy/strength phase, and a power phase that was interrupted by a two-week vacation.

4% in lean muscle mass
5% in her vertical jump
25% in her upper extremity strength
21% in her lower extremity strength

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One of the best in the business…

As someone who has seen it from both sides of the training spectrum with Geordie (former GCU athlete and assistant coach with men’s basketball), he is one of the best in the business. His passion to be the best in his profession is unmatched and it shows in the treatment and care of his athletes. I always appreciated his attention to detail and desire to learn new techniques/treatments that would ultimately allow myself or my players to become better at what they do. Lastly, he genuinely cared about anyone he came into contact with or has helped and it has shown by the amount of people who have come back to see him over the years. He’s one of the best guys I know!

TJ Benson
Arizona Men’s Basketball Coach/Recruiter
Ex DI & Pro Basketball Player

TJ Benson
Matt Jackson

Geordie is outstanding at what he does…

I worked with Geordie for 5 years throughout my basketball career and he is top class. He helped me through a variety of injuries and I credit his work and knowledge to getting me back on the court to play the sport I loved. Geordie is outstanding at what he does, and is truly passionate about his career. I highly recommend Geordie to anyone with injuries, pain, or anyone who wants to take their body to the next level.

Matt Jackson
CFP® | Financial Advisor
Ex DI Basketball Player

Hats off to Geordie, he is amazing.

Our club needed to step our strength and condition program. The first day Geordie started with The Sand Club, we immediately knew we were getting more than just a trainer. We got a culture builder, someone that would pump up the players and they would look forward to being at practice. His circuit training is fresh with new ideas and players finish with an energetic huddle.
Hats off to Geordie, he is amazing. Thanks G!

Allen Alexander
Owner, The Sand Club Academy

Josh Braun

Geordie is ELITE when it comes to training and recovery…

After playing 4 years of Division 1 basketball at GCU, and having played professional basketball in Australia and Europe, I have seen plenty of Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists. With that experience, I can truly say that Geordie is ELITE when it comes to training and recovery in the world of athletics. Geordie has helped me rehab a couple of serious knee injuries back to full health and helped me stay healthy throughout my career. You’re in great hands with Hackett Athletic Training Services. 

Josh Braun
Lopes’ Head Club Men’s Basketball Coach
Ex DI & Pro Basketball Player

Geordie knows how to prevent injury and keep you healthy, help you recover and maximize your performance as an athlete.

Geordie Hackett is the only reason I could play in every game and sustain 30 minutes a game my senior year on the Men’s Basketball team at GCU. Thanks largely if not completely to Geordie’s knowledge and experience of how to put a treatment plan in place specifically for me. He then followed through with his daily dedication of testament, pretty much everything you could imagine including, ice and stem treatments, ice massages, cupping, scraping, deep-tissue massaging, stretching, etc. he also took the time to tape my plantar facia on both feet every practice and game. Thanks to Geordie, I was able to end my college career on a high note as an All-Conference Point Guard of a team who won over 20 games.

Joshua Lowery
Former Division I Men’s Basketball Student-Athlete & Assistant Coach
Pepperdine/GCU, Central Arkansas

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